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Key Features
The 12 elements of process safety management computerized
Share of results of the risk assessment process
Review and improve the reliability of data
Sharing the changed element management
Managing Change History
Drawings, Materials, Equipment detail data
Up & Download
Permissions Classification to data access


Enhancing resources sharing and utilization through multi-user data aggregation and systematic data management.
Reducing workload by clearly organizing and systemizing the process of data creation, approval, and submission.
Identifying and preventing high risk areas before the final confirmation of changes in main elements, such as materials used and equipment through the accurate review of stakeholders’ needs.

The 12 elements of process safety management

① Process safety data management

② Risk assessment process

③ Safe operating procedures

④ Safe work permit

⑤ Accident Reporting, Survey

⑥ Self-audit

⑦ Maintain equipment maintenance checks

⑧ Education and Training

⑨ Check before operation

⑩ Contractor safety management

⑪ Change Element Management

⑫ Emergency Response